Mini Vanity n°33

What’s the season’s most unusual collaboration?
The one between the cosmetics brand The Way of Alchemy and Maison L/Uniform to produce the Les Essentiels mini-vanity case by Hervé Herau N°33, sold exclusively for Colette.

Mini Vanity n°33

The collaboration is first and foremost an encounter between two inspired worlds, those of Hervé Herau and Jeanne Signoles, two larger-than-life personalities who continue to surprise us.

He’s a bundle of positive, radiant energy and an outstanding skin therapist whose care product line, The Way of Alchemy, brings new life to the skin and lights it up from the inside. The line is gradually attracting an increasing number of followers worldwide, although Colette is still its only sales outlet in Paris.
She’s the founder of the young luggage brand, L/Uniform, which is currently conquering the world with its customisable woven fabric bags and make-up cases braided with leather or grosgrain ribbon. And every new design becomes a highly desirable model.

An outstanding concept from a formidable duo

It needed two perfectionists, two demanding, atypical characters looking for something different to create such an attractive concept.

Jeanne was intrigued by Hervé’s work and was looking to use her designs to display some unique products.
Hervé was looking to grant the wishes of women wanting to travel with his “Essentiels”. To do this, he wanted a truly unique, dual-purpose object that was easy to carry, attractive and practical: in short, an appropriate background for his products that he could put on display in the luxury concept store to which he’s so attached. Two people speaking the same language and expressing a single wish: to brighten up women’s day-to-day lives.

They met through a mutual friend and felt an immediate affinity.
This instant rapport led them to turn this shared idea into reality. Coincidence: they discovered that they were both from the Bordeaux region, both “33s”. A lucky number that they decided to use as part of their design: the Les Essentiels d’Hervé Herau mini-vanity case.

Mini Vanity n°33

A beautiful background for unique products

L/Uniform designed the N°33 mini-vanity case for Hervé Herau, made of cotton and linen fabric braided with grey leather. As refined on the inside as on the outside, it’s lined with a water-repellent, stain-proof coated cotton fabric.

And each article can be customised by screen-printing a monogram or number. In this sophisticated, refined setting you’ll find the six essential Hervé Herau products, perfect replicas of the originals in rechargeable travel sizes: Face Cleanser Care and its inseparable Gel Lotion Care, Skin Care, Extra Rich, Lip Care and the famous Pommade.

“I’ve always looked for the unexpected in my vision of things”, said Hervé Hérau. “As a result of meeting Jeanne, I’ve been able to fulfil my dream of accompanying men and women through their life’s journeys: travel.”