The way of alchemy

Herve Herau

Hervé Herau

La Pommade

Hervé Herau

La Potion ?!

A universal skin care range, with natural active ingredients, both avant-garde and intuitive, which acts on cellular reharmonization. Treat, repair and awake the skin to brighten, glow and rejuvenate naturally. And that goes far beyond appearances.

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La Potion ?!
The Miracle care.
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This elixir of a new kind awakens our sensory receptors and brings about another form of regeneration...
La Pommade
Your skin will become naturally luminous.
Herve Herau

Hervé Herau heals the skin and makes it shine, far beyond its simple appearance...

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Treat your skin

In the morning and in the evening,our skin needs to rid itself of dead cells, impurities and/or make-up, but it also needs to be treated, soothed and even stimulated.

This is why I created skin treatment products which will change the way we look at and approach skin cleansing. You will feel the difference.
No feelings of tautness or any other unpleasant sensation.

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Body Care

Body Care repair and deeply hydrate any damaged parts of your body.
Your bust, arms, stomach, thighs and buttocks are extremely sensitive parts of your body. They need intense hydration, and above all, your skin in these areas needs to be repaired.

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Hervé HERAU's philosophy: products created in an intuitive way with the aim of respecting the Being in all its biological, but also energetic, even esoteric dimension.

The skin is the barometer of our soul. It reacts according to our different inner states, our own history, our deep unconscious. And each person and each story is totally different.

The originality of Hervé Hérau products lies in the fact that they adapt to all skin types, respecting the Being in all its dimension. All of this is made possible by natural active ingredients chosen to be in harmony and resonance with our deepest nature.

The skin will recognize and choose what is necessary to heal and regenerate what needs to be repaired, not only in a purely biological way, but also in a spiritual way. Hence the awakening of cellular energy.

How does the skin recognize and choose what it needs?
Nature is pure energy, and therefore, in coherent adequacy with the Being, since the dawn of time. The active ingredients used in the entire Hervé HERAU line are of natural origin and connected to each other according to a very precise alchemy. The skin will then intuitively decipher and use by itself what is good for it, or not.

Let's not forget that the energetic vibration of natural active ingredients ensures communication between cells, revives tissue dynamics and allows for better skin reharmonization.

You will tell me: "Prove it, Hervé! I will answer you: "Visible results and feelings are better than all the scientific data". Because I remind you, each Being and each skin history are different and the results are seen and felt in a very particular way according to each person.

Only the understanding of your Being will allow you to treat and repair yourself.
Only your senses will allow you to feel the effects.
Only your willingness to believe in it will allow you to awaken your skin and reveal yourself.

For Hervé HERAU, beauty comes, more than ever, from the inside and this can be seen on this major organ, so fragile and so emotional, that is our skin...