He could have been a doctor, researcher or life-saver.
Hervé Herau is a passionate altruist, eager to enable everyone to understand themselves through their own skin, and a practitioner in cellular co-resonance biology. He has set himself the task of significantly improving the skin's appearance, as it is an unfailing measure of our inner state.

Well-known, recognised by the press and adored by the most prominent personalities, this beauty genuis has continued to enlarge his circle of followers over the years. Stars, VIPs, journalists and anonymous individuals from around the world swear by his magic hands.

Combining avant-garde scientific knowledge and what is called a quasi-divinatory intuition to feel the inner experience of each individual, Hervé Herau adds his own touch to the creations inspired by his cosmetic line, The Way of Alchemy, created in 2009.

A range of universal, cutting-edge care, unique in its genre. It consists exclusively of 100% natural ingredients of superior quality, it is filled with its special alchemical fluid.

His gift?

Rebalancing the energy of skin cells in order to reharmonise the body and soul.

Its philosophy?

Treating, repairing and awakening the skin to illuminate, radiate and rejuvenate naturally. Hervé Herau heals the skin and makes it shine, far beyond its simple appearance...

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